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These 5 Companies Offer The Best Tactical Gloves For Shooting!

These 5 Companies Offer The Best Tactical Gloves For Shooting!

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Boxing gloves are the soul of any boxer. These protect boxers from potential hand and wrist injuries, but a good quality boxing glove’s hit will be something that the combatant will not be able to forget for some time. So before you purchase one for yourself, try checking out the best companies for tactical gloves and then make an informed decision. With that in mind, we’ve prepared you a list of 5 best tactical gloves brands.

5 Best Companies For Tactical Gloves

The following are the best companies offering good quality tactical gloves for shooting. Check them out!

1 Winning Boxing Gloves

It’s not our review but the name itself that describes the brand really well. Manufactured with 100% leather, the Winning Boxing gloves offer durability, quality padding, and comfort. These are light in weight and offer the needed wrist support making it convenient for boxers to punch. The soft padding lessens the chances of wrist injuries to a greater extent. The only drawback in this tactical gloves brand is that it’s a little expensive when compared with other brands. But hey, if quality is crucial for you then it’s worth investing your money in these.

2 Everlast

Renowned for its durability, their tactical gloves definitely last for more than two years. It is the most common brand used by amateur boxers. They deliver quality products and the brand is favored by the majority. Offer multiple prices, the shooting tactical gloves are suitable for everyone from amateurs to professionals.

3 Cleto Reyes

Specifically used by professional boxers around the world, Cleto Reyes is one of the finest brands for boxing and tactical gloves. Deliver fine quality gloves suitable for both practice and fights. These tend to fall a little out of the budget, but the comfort and texture make it worthy. Made out of 100% leather, the gloves are durable and guard your thumb and wrist. The brand also offers two-inch padding around the punching area which is excellent protection desired by most of the boxers.

4 Ringside Apex

Offer twelve different designs, Ringside Apex provides you with a wide range of options to pick from. Their Injected Molded Foam (IMF) technology forms a superior cushioning for the gloves. The stay-dri lining in the high-end glove of Ringside Apex keeps you from sweating. In addition to that, these gloves also come with tapered closure, that eliminates the slipping chances. But hey, these are not as durable as you’ll expect for the price they are available in. Generally preferred by amateurs for practice and rough and tough use.

5 Reebok

This brand is a great purchase for amateur boxers in India. The 5mml gel shock absorption is a great help for boxer’s protection and convenience. Their injection foam padding provides a great grip and fits well around the hand. Not just this, it also provides ventilation in almost all their gloves for cooling but it is not that effective as other brands in the same business. Although it’s multi wrap Velcro around the wrist adds comfort and guards your hands from injuries.


The above-mentioned brands offer amazing tactical gloves for shooting. But it all rolls down to your personal preference and requirements. Before picking a pair of tactical gloves for yourself, don’t forget to consider your budget, usage and needs. Once you are clear in your head about these, then and only then shop for the shooting tactical gloves.

We know the market is overwhelming with an array of brands so the aforementioned are the best brands for you to pick from!

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