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How much does it cost to hire top app developers India team for developing movies video streaming apps like Amazon prime and Netflix?

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These days the virtual world craze is increasing and the real social world is on the edge of devastation. Mobile phones are not just now a medium to call and talk. Humans are losing control over usage of mobile phones. This addiction of cell-phones is making homosepians servants of the small screen. Our day starts with the screen of mobile and ends with the screen. In between this we are using numerous applications to deal and work with various functions. We can shop, order, connect, establish networks, carry out meetings using a small mobile phone. That is all due to diverse features of Applications installed in the phones.

The same thing is the reason for the revolution of the entertainment industry also. We are getting movies, video songs, trailers, e-books on the tip of finger with much lesser price than that of the real world. This is making our life dependent on screen. Instead of going to theaters and libraries we can complete our mission on the bed itself so why to waste energy. This is how today we are thinking.

A decade before television was the medium to watch entertainment programmes. But these days with developing technology has brought that tradition to an end.  Generations are enjoying on-demand video and movie streaming on various platforms like amazon prime, hotstar, netflix. The most attractive side of this is time bounding is not an issue, one can have excess on any time they want.

What is a Video-Streaming Application?

Video-streaming is the process of conveying the data in the form of videos using the internet in a swift way. We can also perform replays and playback functions without loss of data. This kind of discovery has been a boon for teenagers as they don’t have to spend huge amounts for entertainment and also won’t need to leave home

When we think about video streaming apps the names that strike are Amazon prime, Disney+ Hotstar, Netflix and many more which are world wide famous. Users can hardly search for their alternatives. It is difficult to raise any of the questions on it.

With a good luck it is now very easy to create and develop video-streaming Applications in India. In this cutthroat competition Indian app developers are experts in developing this kind of App and also they have successfully developed this type of Apps. For developing   applications like NETFLIX you need to continue with these steps:

What features can a Video Streaming App contain?

  1. It pays access to videos on cell-phones:

We all know that cell-phones are a medium of entertainment these days and are also portable which are easy to carry long distances. So live streaming apps which pay access to videos on the cell-phones allows you to enjoy the videos at any time without any bounding of the place. Hence this makes an exceptional Choice.

  1. You will get notification regarding New Broadcasted videos and episodes:

Watching on Video-Streaming services gives many of the best services than the services on the televisions. Mobile App Development company of India are equally expert enough to  integrate the features which gives notifications on every release of new movies, episodes and also half watched videos. They notify you about your choice of programmes.

  1. You will Gain the types of videos that are mattering the most:

Televisions are an ancient box of entertainment. Watching videos on Mobile is the new-world approach. Here on cell-phone screen you will gain best options to see videos of your choice. They also detect videos that are similar to the pre-watched preferred videos.

  1. Features that build community socially:

India App Developer is highly efficient to integrate the most exciting features of video-streaming that can easily connect with social-media applications in every possible way. It is easy to figure out how this integration benefits you?

You can easily grow your network of following friends to whom you can send invitations easily. By every invitation which is sent by you can also offer rewards and points to the app account.

     5. New-Content:

Whenever you are going to use the Video-streaming Application you get new updated videos and new conceptual content. They always keep updating with the new videos and exciting videos. They also keep watch on statistics regarding average view times of the videos and about the users that are taking paid subscription packages. These are the benefits that have been detected by the data of the content.

  1. Subscription Packages:

Subscription is the integrated features that are the medium of income to the application developers. The new Content they develop the more they are able to attract the audience and subscribers. They have many options to give packages for subscription to the users of their product.

  1. Profile creation with multiple accounts:

One of the most preferred features of the video-streaming app is profile creation with  much of the data. The account can be easily created using an Email address. By integrating social-media accounts you can also go for pre-automated languages, interests that appear on the screen on the user- dashboard. By taking a subscription you can give access to more than one account. You can also download with the selected qualities of the videos. You are going to own the account with many more benefits. then for watching later, choose the video stream quality from lowest to the highest based on network bandwidth condition.


Prime features to be integrated in video-Streaming Apps like Amazon-prime:

The features that are integrated in the video-streaming App that are having straight influence in the booming app that increases User-Experience and also ratings by the users. That means it can directly affect the installation and popularity of the app.

  • User Registration:

The process provided to create a profile is very easy to register. Now the new features are giving the facility to connect social media accounts or signing up by Google is also an option so that filling up details becomes automated.

  • Subscription Method:

Taking subscription of video-streaming apps is easy now and also less expensive than before. By paying for it you can also gain access to the premium features. They give the payment modes such as wallet payments, UPI, Card and Net Banking.

  • Optimizing and Searching:

These days technology has raised its limit and now you can get the preferred videos and content either by scrolling or by searching in the search titles. They also make your work eaze by filtering out the searching options. Also once we apply the research filters and as per preferred videos. other content videos similar to user preference are also shown in the dashboard every time when you open the Application.

  • Multiple Watch service:

These features let u create limited multiple accounts which helps the members to create a room and enjoy group watching videos which gives the feeling of room watching movies. Distances are not mattering much now.

●    POP UP- Notifications

This feature is integrated to show pop-up notification settings that are giving suggestions for the preferred new episodes. This will also notify new launched videos and half watched videos.

●      App Control Settings

This helps the user to add and choose quality of videos, sound, language, screen set also resuming and restarting of videos. This gives the royal experience to the user in matters the user is paid or unpaid also such features arise temptation towards subscription.

How much does it cost to develop an app like Amazon-prime?

You can create an app like that of Netflix and Amazon-prime it will cost between $ 30,000 to $40,000 for a single platform that can be IOS or Android with prime and core features. If you are planning to develop a video-streaming app with all the features it will cost $85000.

Packaged app development seems too expensive. These days Top App Developers India  team are catching the market due to their pricing structure. The India app developers are the ones who are hired as dedicated developers who provide costings according to their working hours or on contractual basis.

To develop apps such as Netflix charges as per hourly basis are as per below:

For small software companies:- $ 15-20/hour

For intermediate companies:- $ 40-80/hour

For Enterprise Companies: – $150-200/hour

Here one can get Indian app developers at the rates of $15/hour basis with the best of the App.

What time does it take to create apps like Netflix and Amazon-prime?

If you plan to create an application such as Amazon-prime or Netflix with top mobile app development companies of India then they give their best products by 3 months minimum with the best of their research techniques. But it can also take time depending on the features to be installed and also on the platforms you select to develop.

To conclude:

You have to get ready to face many hurdles if you make your mind to develop Netflix or Amazon-prime. Get in touch with experts who can research and brain boost their developing methods so that you can gain all the solutions for the problems which are forth waiting for you. If you don’t know how to get in with the research for the best developing companies get consultation to various companies and also list the best service provider. Checking out port-folio  of the company for video-streaming Applications that were pre-developed by the company for the pre-signed clients.

India App Developer is one of the top mobile app development company of India that have their developing Expert developers for variant platforms and also various technologies that are being demanded by the clients. They are expert enough to develop every type of  application using latest technologies and demanded technologies.

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